5 Easy Tips to Convert Social Media Connections into an Actionable Audience

Saadiya Munir
5 min readDec 23, 2021

Converting online connections into an actionable audience. One of the biggest myths digital marketers believe when getting into social media marketing is “Audience Equals Action.” Honestly, it doesn’t!

“You’re in the marketing for one reason: Grow. Grow your company, reputation, customers, impact, and profits. Grow yourself. -Mark Schaefer”

If you’re living in this era, there are almost close-to-impossible chances of not marketing your brand on social media. The world demands marketers to be on social media.

After understanding the importance of social media marketing in building a solid reputation for your brand, you need to craft a social media strategy & thoughtfully stick to it while investing time and resources in posting content on different social media platforms. Once you have successfully built a community of followers interested in your brand/business, you need to monetize your community.

There comes the real question,how to generate leads from your followers that can drive sales?

If you’re a startup company or someone who has just joined social media marketing to promote the brand name, you might first find your social media connections like a handshake or say weak relational links.” They wouldn’t come with a call-to-action response to buy something from you. First connections are just like “opening doors” or, most likely, knocking on doors.

Twitter followers & the power & influence on the web don’t necessarily equate!

Even though you can’t reach the level of Wendy’s Twitter account at once, but here are five easy tips that can turn your prospects into lead generating & actionable audiences.

1. Identify your Audience & Be Human!

Keep in mind that everybody isn’t your target audience. Stop targeting people all around the Internet. Breaking down your actionable audience will enable you to make sense of:

  • Which online networking site you should be active on
  • Your posting plan
  • The sort of content you should distribute
  • Your brand’s voice
  • The data in your social profiles

Numerous brands waste their time & energy since they don’t present content that talks to a branded group of followers. Invest some energy by looking at your followers’ personas, understanding their difficulties, and what brands they love.

One of the most noticeably awful slipups to make via social media sites is appearing to be the faceless enterprise with zero identity.

Today, numerous brands break jokes and aren’t reluctant to talk with their followers like they’re their companions. Though brands were once assailed for falling off like robots, today’s followers expect a human social media presence from the brands/companies they’re following. Whether it’s your office place or colleagues’ work anniversary, people are more interested in the behind-the-scenes of whatever is going on.

2. Listening & Responding

No matter how easy it sounds, only a few businesses can understand the importance of listening & responding on social media. Posting content several times a week or day without being an active participant in the online discussion with the community will not yield much. To enhance the customer experience, timeliness in addressing the queries & complaints is essential; otherwise, followers count is just another “pride metric.”

Start by monitoring what people are saying about you, monitoring your brand mentions, being proactive while responding to the community can let you be in the game.

“According to Jay Baer, 32% of the people who use social media to contact customer support expect a response within 30 minutes, and 42% expect a response in 60 minutes.”

This shows that apart from responding to complaints, you have to be open to feedback as well!

3. Engaging with Influencers

Getting into social media marketing all alone is not a wise decision to make. You can always ask your fellow beings to help you out in reaching the actionable audience. Involving & collaborating with social media influencers in your social marketing efforts will let you reach a wider audience.

Those who have been in this field for a while, and have an audience that actually trusts them enough to listen & follow what they say or recommend, might help you get some of the loyal recommendations to use your product/services as well. These social media influencers have a content strategy that can resonate with their audiences & yours too, to get you a higher level of engagement. People listen to their favorite celebrity more than someone with who they aren’t familiar.

“According to a study by Experticity, 82% of consumers would prefer a recommendation made by a micro-influencer.”

To track down the ROI of any influencer campaigns, try assigning custom promo/discount codes for different influencers.

4. Getting into the Visuals

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you’re deciding to post, visual content is killing right now. It’s not just Instagram which is a visual-based platform, every other social medium like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is also getting more engagement on visual-based content rather than straightforward text-based content.

According to the researches, Facebook live videos get about 6 times more engagement than other types of content. And for those who are looking for Twitter followers, get into the gif game. It doesn’t require any full-blown production budget or any insane equipment.

5. Scheduling Your Content

The modern digital marketer requires a varied skill set, including both creative and technical. But one way to ensure your brand is attracting the right audience & to do effective marketing is using the proper social media management tools.


As a digital marketer, our job is to provide opportunities for our brands, leading to more people interaction & generating more ROI. For this, we rely on online reviews, referrals, testimonies, recommendations, word-of-mouth discussions, & all the other sources that could lead us to the complete buyers’ journey.

We miss out on this whole social media marketing process because we only try to focus on the first phase of building the audience. If we keep moving with the curve of time & interaction, we will be able to genuinely drive them into actionable audiences.



Saadiya Munir

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