Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management tool empowering all social media enthusiasts and marketers to automate their social media marketing. It is designed to help you schedule and automate your social media networks with incredible features.

Schedule, publish and track your posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and Pinterest posts. A single unified and easy dashboard brings together all your social accounts on a single platform. On top of all, its easy UI makes it different from the others.

From scheduling your content on various platforms to maximizing your audience’s reach, Social Champ is the…

New Year Resolutions 2021

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey

Work-related resolutions can be a little stressful, whether it’s cutting down on coffee or taking a fresh look at your marketing strategies. But, if this is not the perfect chance to start fresh, then when? Let’s look at these five suggestions for what social media managers should resolve to do in 2021.

1. Be more authentic

Let’s resolve to avoid all those fake adverts, cold emails, clickbait thumbnails, and insincere video messaging this year. Today, social media users are savvy and mature than ever. According to recent…

The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a limitless goldmine for finding a career. It is best for promoting your business and creating a good profile. You can start taking advantage of LinkedIn using these few simple suggestions.

  • You should set up job alerts and look for new jobs related to your field. You can also use LinkedIn groups to stay updated.
  • Set a public profile so it is visible to everyone. This way, people can easily approach you for business-related purposes.
  • Using the right keywords can increase the effectiveness of your profile. Using certain keywords…


As Charles Darwin said, “A man who dares to waste one hour has not discovered the value of life.”

The primary sense of responsibility you get as a child was by holding a watch. When your father or mother gave you your first wristwatch as a birthday or maybe Christmas gift, it started nudging you to do stuff like waking up, homework, walking back to the classroom, or being on the bus stand on time.

This was your first relationship with time, and as the responsibilities grew, you started to value it even more.

When you become good friends with…

Quarantine Games

Virtual Reality has changed the whole concept of gaming for us. When Sony joined hands in virtual reality gaming with PlayStation VR, things have gotten much excited for gamers. Now selecting the best VR has been a tough and thorny choice for game lovers. For those who are always up to buy new games and wait for the latest releases, this one is not for you.

For those who love to stick with the best or the ones introduced to this world in the quarantine life, this is for you.

These VR games should be on your best-games-to-play-in-quarantine list.



We all have a little concept connected with the word “Story.” Maybe a childhood memory of listening to bedtime stories, the one who made you cry, or the one you never get tired of. Some stories live within you forever, while others are an integral part of your life. Either fiction or real-life, everyone has a story.

Since we are not up to discuss a novel or a book review here, what does a story have to do with a software development process? What does a turbo geek have to do with a story?


Well, luckily enough, “User Stories” are…

Email Marketing — How to Get Response From Busy Receivers

Email Marketing — How to Get Response From Busy Receivers?

You may think you invest the lion’s share of your energy at work sitting in meetings or chatting on the telephone, but the truth is, a serious part of your workweek could be spent writing, reading, and reacting to emails. So how can you make your emails in such a way that they attract your reader to respond?

#1 Compose A Unique Headline

Your title must diagram the purpose behind your email, so the receiver is forced to open and answer it. It should, likewise, be clear and concise. All…

Saadiya Munir

Computer Science graduate, learning the new curves of digital marketing. Mostly sleepy or hungry. Currently working as a Content Specialist @ Social Champ.

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